Date Quiz Topic Recommended reading
08/26 Quiz 1 Introduction and Overview of DeFi
[Premiere] [Playlist]
09/02 Quiz 2 Introduction to Blockchain Technology
[Premiere] [Playlist]
09/09 Quiz 3 Introduction to Smart Contracts
[Premiere] [Playlist]
09/16 Quiz 4 Introduction to Traditional Finance
[Premiere] [Playlist]
09/23 TBD Stablecoins
09/30 TBD DEX
10/07 TBD Decentralized Lending
10/14 TBD Synthetic And Derivatives; Portfolio Management; Insurance; Information and Data Markets
10/21 TBD Oracles
10/28 TBD Privacy in DeFi; Auditable Privacy; ZKP
11/04 TBD Decentralized Identities
11/11 TBD No Class (Veterans Day)
11/18 TBD DeFi Security I
11/25 TBD No Class (Thanksgiving)
12/02 TBD DeFi Security II
12/09 TBD Regulations and Legal Frameworks